Morris supports I.N M O decision to call a 4 hour work stoppage next Wednesday at the Limerick Regional Hospital

Seamie Morris

Statement by Councillor Séamie Morris

“I would like to fully support the decision by the I N M O to use their only weapon to down tools for four hours next Wednesday.

Having spent all day today in the casualty department of the Limerick Regional I can only admire the dedication and professionalism shown by the health workers there under the most severe crowded conditions which are dangerous not only for the staff but also the patients.

While I was Mayor of Nenagh I called for H I Q A to investigate the safety of the conditions in this overcrowded Centre Of Excellence this call is now repeated by the I N M O in their statement last week. I also called on our T Ds at the time to see for themselves the dangerous work conditions that they had foisted on the workers in the Limerick Regional Hospital. I doubt if they bothered. I am disgusted that our Current Labour T.D Alan Kelly who shouted loud about the reconfiguration has abandoned his principles in favour of the severe Austerity measures ordered by his IMF/ECB masters. In fact 700 Million euros will be paid out to UNSECURED BONDHOLDERS in Anglo Irish Bank on November 2nd which shows that Alan Kelly and his Government have continued to put Bondholders and Banksters ahead of the health of the people that went out and voted for him.  The I N M O statement is “calling upon H I Q A , An Bord Altranais and the Medical council to inspect the M W Regional Hospital and other acute Hospitals to establish the impact on patient care and safe practice arising from continuous overcrowding”

I want to personally thank the dedication and perseverance of the staff in such difficult and dangerous conditions foisted onto them by cowardly Consultants and Politicians who took 50 pieces of silver to betray the medical profession.”

Yours sincerely Cllr. Séamie Morris 18/09/11

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