Cops & Robbers in The Source, Thurles

Come and catch the crime drama of The Source Film Club’s Autumn season! Animal Kingdom pits the cops against the robbers in the middle of an ’80s blood feud.

It’s a remarkable film: A gritty, gut-churning, crime thriller based on a true story. Its greatness lies in its unwavering fidelity to human nature and the unstoppable laws of the wild.

The debut feature from writer-director David Michôd, Animal Kingdom, set in Australia, introduces us to the gang: Craig Cody (Sullivan Stapleton), a drug dealer; his brothers Pope (Ben Mendelsohn) and Darren (Luke Ford); their alarming mother, “Grandma Smurf” (Jacki Weaver); and Barry (Joel Edgerton), a family friend, successful bank robber and the closest thing everyone has to a conscience.

The tension mounts and a member of the Cody mob gets shot by police…. That’s all you need to know, because that’s all the screenplay needs to lurch towards unspeakable tragedy.

Michôd’s film combines the shock of sudden plot turns with a slow-burn, inevitable horror that plays up the emotional cost of violence. It’s a film that got rave reviews when it was released and will appeal to everyone who likes intelligent crime thrillers.

You can see the film at The Source on Wed. Oct 12th. at 8pm. You will find a trailer for the film and information about upcoming films, on our new Source Film Club Facebook page.

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