Taoiseach accused of election U-turn

Deputy Niall Collins pictured meeting with members of North Tipperary Ogra Fianna Fail on a recent visit to Dail Eireann.

An Taoiseach Enda Kenny has been accused of overseeing an election
U-turn after the Government approved Thursday, October 27 as the date
for the Presidential Election. University of Limerick Ógra Fianna Fáil
chairman, Ger Fogarty has claimed Deputy Kenny tabled an Electoral
Amendment Act in 2007 calling on the Government to conduct the General
Election at the weekend, which was subsequently defeated. Mr Fogarty
said Fine Gael also made a pledge in its General Election Manifesto to
secure weekend voting for future elections, which represented another
broken pre-election promise. The last general election, local election
and European election were all held on a Friday. Mr Fogarty, who is
also Secretary of North Tipperary Ogra Fianna Fail complained the
proposed date disenfranchises thousands of students who would find it
logistically or economically impossible to return to their local
constituency to vote in the election. “The Government’s decision to
renege on their promise, by holding the upcoming Presidential election
on Thursday, October 27 and not on a weekend date, must be reversed,
as committed to during the General Election campaign. “Midweek polling
prevents many students and employees living or working outside the
constituency from exercising their democratic franchise,” he said.  “I
believe the election should be held on a Saturday or at the weekend in
the interests of equity and fairness so that everyone can have a
democratic right to vote. “The voice of younger generation is more
important than ever. This is being denied if the election is held on a
Thursday,” he said. Ógra Fianna Fáil has launched a campaign calling
on the Government to keep its commitment of holding polling in
elections and referenda at weekends. As part of the campaign, Ógra has
launched an email lobby tool on the organisation’s website at
www.ogra.ie, which allows members of the public to easily communicate
a message to the Government. It has set an ambitious target of over
10,000 emails to be delivered from members of the public over the next
30 days. For more information or to join North Tipperary Ogra Fianna
Fail please email northtippogra@gmail.com or join us on

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