GOAL launches scathing attack on UN, asserting that its political response to Somali tragedy has been astonishing

“The UN keep telling the masses that the millions of Somalis face death from starvation – but as an organisation they are not prepared to take any meaningful action to prevent the catastrophe.” Said John O’Shea, GOAL’s CEO, who added, “The United Nations’ Security Council has behaved as though they are oblivious to the cries of the starving in Somalia.

“The Security General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, must explain to the Member States why there has not been any positive initiative to send UN peacekeepers to Somalia.

“Those who care for the lives of the Somalis, and the starving Somalis themselves, deserve an answer.

“The United Nations know that only the deployment of a peacekeeping unit in Somalia will avert appalling loss of life – but they chose not to act.

“The hungry Somali nation are entitled to ask the question; ‘why are UN peacekeepers sent to some tragic spots around the glove but not to Somalia’,” said O’Shea, who continued, “But for the intervention of the US army in Haiti after the earthquake, the aid community would not have been able to feed the million hungry who required food.

“They provided the protective shield. And this is what is needed now in Somalia.”

O’Shea has appealed directly to Enda Kenny to bring this message to the floor of the Security Council of the United Nations.

For further information, please contact John O’Shea 00 86 852 7427, or 00 353 (0) 1 280 9779.

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