Faulty Towers the Dining Experience Comes to The Source Arts Centre Thurles

17-06-2011 to 18-06-2011  7.30pm

Interactive Theatre Australia in association with Ten42 Productions present Faulty Towers… the dining experience

Having played over 100 sell out shows in Ireland during 2009 and 2010 Basil, Sybil and Manuel return to serve you dinner and a feast of comic delights – some familiar, some off the cuff – but all with a ‘Faulty’ seasoning and a guarantee to keep you laughing all the way!

Basil is manic, Sybil domineering, and Manuel – of course – is hopelessly language-challenged. Everything that can wrong does in some beautifully controlled chaos. Just don’t mention the war!

Faulty Towers…the dining experience has been winning fans and accolades at Edinburgh, Melbourne and Adelaide Festivals for the last three years. Featuring all the best gags and a great meal, FaultyTowers….the dining experience is a loosely-scripted, pitch-perfect ’13th episode’ of the TV series which develops the characters made famous by John Cleese, Prunella Scales and Andrew Sachs.

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