North Tipperary South Offaly General Election Results

Turnout of 77.15 percent; Electorate 63235; Total votes cast 48789; Spoiled Vote 516, Total Valid Poll 48273; Quota 12,069

First Count

Michael Lowry (Ind) 14104 – Elected

Noel Coonan (FG) 11425

Alan Kelly (Lab) 9559

Maire Hoctor (FF) 7978

Seamus Morris (SF) 3034

Billy Clancy (Ind) 1442

Olwyn O Malley (GP) 409

Kate Bopp (Ind) 322

Second Count

NoelCoonan FG elected on second count after exceeding quota with Lowry transfers.

Bopp, Clancy, Morris and O’Malley eliminated.

Lowry’s 2035 surplus was distributed as follows for the 2nd count:

Bopp +30; Clancy +211; Coonan + 705;  Hoctor +378;  Kelly +545; Morris +146; O’Malley+20

Third Count

Alan Kelly deemed elected just 4 short of the quota of  12069

Transfers were:  Hoctor +1085 (9441); Kelly +1961 (12065) Nontransferable -2568

Final Result – 1. Michael Lowry (Ind) 2. Noel Coonan (FG) 3. Alan Kelly (Lab)

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