North Tipperary South Offaly General Election Candidates Debate Video and Audio

Billy Clancy (Ind,, New Vision) Michael Lowry (Ind), Noel Coonan (FG), Seamus Morris (SF), Brendan Maher (Manager, Nenagh Arts Centre) Alan Kelly (Lab) Olwyn O Malley (GP) Gary Cotter (Nenagh Guardian) Maire Hoctor (FF) Kate Bopp (Ind)

Last night, Thursday 10th February, in a packed Nenagh Arts Centre the candidates for the 2011 General Election North Tipperary South Offaly held a public debate. This offered the public an opportunity to speak to candidates –Kate Bopp (Ind) Billy Clancy (Ind, New Vision) Noel Coonan (FG), Maire Hoctor (FF), Alan Kelly (LAB)  Michael Lowry (Ind) Seamus Morris (SF),  and Olwyn O’Malley (Greens) –  about local and national issues that affect them. The Candidates were offered the opportunity to speak for five minutes on their record and their thoughts for the future. Chairperson Garry Cotter, Editor of the Nenagh Guardian then opened up the debate to the floor for questions. Below is a series of video and audio recordings from the night, starting first with the candidates opening speeches in the order in which they spoke (as their names will appear on the ballot paper).

To find out more about the candidates, read their profiles here

First up was Kate Bopp, Independent candidate. This is an audio recording as my camera wasn’t set up, so apologies to Kate (as consolation I’ve included her photo).

Next up was Billy Clancy, Independent candidate with New Vision Group

Next to speak was Noel Coonan, Fine Gael

Next to speak was Maire Hoctor, Fianna Fáil

Alan Kelly of Labour was next to the podium

Speaking next was Independent candidate Michael Lowry

Seamus Morris was next up to speak

The last speaker of the night was Olwyn O Malley, Green Party.

(I have more videos to upload, but my backwater broadband is so slow I wanted to post this before the election! So make sure to check back later on. )

These are some audio recordings from the night which were recorded and uploaded live using AudioBoo. The drawback was the 5 minute time limit on recordings and the uploading time meant that not everything was recorded. So apologies to any candidates who may not feature as often as others, although I think more airtime was offered to the established politicians than to the newcomers.

This first recording was in relation to 3rd level fees. As there are no visuals the speakers in the order in which they spoke were Alan Kelly, Seamus Morris, Olwyn O Malley, Noel Coonan.

The candidates respond to questions from the floor. Speaking are Noel Coonan, Alan Kelly, Maire Hoctor, Seamus Morris

This question was about policies regarding provision of broadband facilities. Speakers here were Seamus Morris, Alan Kelly, Noel Coonan, Kate Bopp, Maire Hoctor

A question in relation to agriculture. Speakers – Seamus Morris, Alan Kelly, Billy Clancy,Noel Coonan.

This last recording is the candidates response to a member of the public asking whether there should be a referendum in relation to the banking bailout. In order of speaking – Billy Clancy, Noel Coonan, Seamus Morris, Alan Kelly, Maire Hoctor, Kate Bopp, Olwyn O Malley

And that’s it. Feel free to leave a comment below on any of the issues that were (or were not dealt with)


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