Seamus Morris selected as the Sinn Féin candidate for North Tipperary South Offaly

At a Cumann meeting today in Nenagh Séamus Morris was selected as the Sinn Féin candidate for North Tipperary for the 2011 General Election.

Séamie first stood in the 2004 local elections when he topped the poll in Nenagh town in North Tipperary and became the town mayor for the first year. In 2007 he contested the General Election and was excluded on the first count 1672 first preference votes. Click here to view Séamie on Facebook.

The video below is of Séamie speaking to a crowd of people at Banba Square, Nenagh, County Tipperary on Saturday 11th April 2009.

In a statement issued by Séamie he had this to say

“Yesterday I put my name in the hat to represent Sinn Féin in Tipperary North in the general election. I was unanimously supported by the Cumhanns in North Tipperary. I have spent 6 months wondering if I could give the necessary effort needed to run in the General election and keep up my huge workload as Town Mayor Town Councillor county councillor and as a postman. I have spent the last few months meeting with party activists who were willing to run the election while I continue with my various roles. I have also the problem of being unable to match the huge funding in place by the full time politicians already in the field. I have faith that the electorate will not be swayed by fancy flashing lights, fancy posters and big advertisements and that they will instead concentrate on changing the politics that has got us into the huge mess that we are in at the moment where our financial independence is in the hands of foreign bondholders. Sinn Fein offer a new direction in politics without the cronyism and corruption we will put the person first.                        The behaviour by the Government over the last few weeks has disgusted me where some of them have turned on themselves and some of the others are greedily packing their state cars with loot taken from the taxpayer. The isn’t a Republican bone left in Fianna Fail and those that kept them in power for so long are no better. I have over the last few weeks witnessed working families being forced into debt reconsolidation because of the punitive taxes imposed on them by a Government willing to bail out every banker and bondholder to the detriment of every household and business in the country. With all that in mind I am delighted to put myself forward to represent the good People of North Tipperary South Offaly who quite clearly deserve a break from the type of politician that has mis represented them for so long.”


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