Award-winning film in Nenagh Arts Centre charts the lives of women and the men in their lives

Nenagh Arts Centre holds a screening of the acclaimed Irish documentary film ‘His And Hers’ at 8 p.m. on next Thursday, November 18th in the Town Hall in

Banba Square

, Nenagh.

The film comprises over seventy conversations with Irish women who speak about the men in their lives. Starting with girls discussing their Dads, to teenagers and younger women speaking about boyfriends and on into married life, the film is completed with mothers speaking about sons and their relationships with their husbands as they grow older.

Image from Ken Wardrop’s ‘His and Hers

Image from Ken Wardrop’s ‘His and Hers

‘His and Hers’ continues to receive international acclaim with the latest praise coming from Oscar winning film director Michael Moore. Speaking earlier this year about the award-winning documentary on his website he described it as: “one of the most moving and original films I’ve seen this year. No one has ever made a documentary like this one. In a summer of tired and stale movies from Hollywood, ‘His and Hers’ is a breath of fresh air blowing in from the midlands of Ireland.”

Indeed the film in the main, features women from the midlands. Speaking on the success of the film, Director Ken Wardrop said “It’s incredibly exciting to have received such positive reactions from both critics and cinema-goers to our first film. As Irish filmmakers, it’s particularly encouraging to see a small film like ‘His & Hers’ finding a large audience here at home.” The films accolades include the George Morrison Award for Feature Documentary at this year’s IFTAs, the Audience Award at the Dublin International Film Festival, the Feature Award in the Galway Film Fleadh and the Cinematography Award at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

Film tickets are €6 and are available online from the Arts Centre website: , by calling the Centre on 067 34900 or at the Centre recepeption in the Town Hall.

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