Tipperary Leading The Way in Promoting County Pride Living

Tipperary yet again attracts positive media attention, but this time well away from the sporting field.  Instead, Gabrielle Monaghan in her article ‘Food’s not a long way for Tipperary’ posted in today’s Sunday Times; reports on the series of events that have led the Tipperary County to call on its inhabitants to eat only locally produced food.

Gabrielle discusses how the move was inspired by a speech by Mike Small, creator of the Fife diet in Scotland at the Tipperary Institute last year.  Since then, the Tipperary Institute and its supporters have been working hard on promoting the idea; which has at its heart the goal of ‘reducing the carbon footprint of food’ as well as benefiting the local community.

Last month ’Tipperary Food Producers’ had up to 250 diners seated at a ‘long table dinner’ whereby they dined on locally produced food only.  This move is being followed up by an event organised by Peter Ward next weekend ‘Blas an Fhomhair’ or a community harvest street lunch.  This event is taking place on the streets of Nenagh and was reported by Tipp Tatler in an earlier post.

Stella Coffey who runs the Ladybird Organic Farm in Cahir with her partner Richard Auler and whom are both great advocates of the idea; admit that the Tipperary Diet would be easier without children and that the odd slip is not a sin!

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