IFA Accuse LIDL of Misleading Labelling of Lamb

At a protest by sheep farmers in the Lidl store in Tullamore today (Mon), IFA National Sheep Chairman James Murphy accused Lidl of misleading consumers in the labelling of lamb in their stores. In selling lamb under their Inisvale brand, they are misleading consumers as the product is neither Irish nor Bord Bia Quality Assured. Yet Lidl advertise the Inisvale brand as Bord Bia Quality Assured with an Irish flag.

James Murphy said the facts are that Lidl Inisvale lamb is from New Zealand, is not Bord Bia Quality Assured and is not tagged or traceable to EU standards.

He said, “Sheep farmers are furious that Lidl are continuing to mislead consumers. This issue has been raised with Lidl management in recent weeks and despite promises from Lidl that they would desist from such activity, it has not stopped.”

The IFA sheep farmers’ leader said Lidl has large Inisvale signs prominently displayed in their stores over the fridges using the endorsement of the Bord Bia Quality Assurance mark including the Irish flag.  In the fridges underneath, they are selling Inisvale lamb chops which states in the smallest of print ‘produced in Northern Ireland using lamb from New Zealand’.

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