Interested in growing your own food?

First Meeting of GIY Tipperary Town

GIY (Grow it Yourself) Ireland is a new not-for-profit initiative that is literally sweeping the nation.  Its objective is to get people who are interested in growing their own food together (in the community and online) on a regular basis to talk, learn from each other and exchange tips, produce and war stories.   GIY activities include monthly meetings, talks and demos; garden visits, seed and seedling swaps; produce bartering, mentor panels and grower’s meitheals.

GIY Ireland aims to establish a GIY group in every community in Ireland.  There are currently 30 GIY groups in 15 counties nationwide and over 50 other groups in development.  Meetings are free and open to people who are growing at all levels – from those who grow a few herbs in a window box to those who are completely self-sufficient, from absolute beginners to old hands.   Patrons of GIY Ireland include Darina Allen, Clodagh McKenna and Joy Larkcom.  Your local GIY group needs a mix of interests, abilities and experience to make this a success – so don’t be shy.  Come along and bring any family, friends or neighbours who might be interested too.

GIY Tipperay Town will be based in The French Quarter cafe.  The first meeting takes place on 26th January 2010 at 7.30pm .  For more information visit

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