Easy way to share designs and artwork with FineTuna.com

Here at the Tipp Tatler we are always on the lookout for easier ways to do things and ways of simplifying everyday tasks. One of our everyday tasks involves sending proofs/draft copies of adverts to our customers.

This is then usually followed with either an email telling us everything is perfect or with a phone call to tell us about some changes to be made. Now we love talking to people and hearing what our customers have to say.

But phone calls can be disruptive for some of the following reasons;

  • They can take longer than necessary
  • It can be harder to explain something over the phone
  • We’ve got to drop everything and bring up the file/advert in question
  • If the line is engaged the caller may not leave a message or they may leave an incoherent one.

If the changes are emailed to us and easy to understand, great! but again it can be difficult eg. “Put the blue line over the word ‘Shop’ and move the photo to the left and below the word ‘Thurles’, make the last line stand out, maybe bold, but not bigger than the 2nd line which should be green, a light blue background is what we usually use, the same as we have on our vans …..” etc. etc.

WooHoo! We have found an easier way to do things!

FineTuna.com is a site that allows you to send images with comments attached. Using it couldn’t be easier. You simply upload the image and are brought to a page with your image displayed. Here you can add comments, inserts notes and draw on the image. You then enter the email to send it to, along with your own email address. The recipient then receives an email with a link to view the image. Here they can themselves leave comments, notes and draw on the image and send back to you.

The screenshot below shows an example of how this can be used (created purely for illustrative purposes)

Screenshot of an image with comments in FineTuna.com

Screenshot of an image with comments in FineTuna.com

FineTuna.com is brought to you by Spoiltchild Design, the same company who created  Toddle.com which allows you to easily create email newsletters to send out to your customers.

The only complaint I would have is that customers would possibly have to be alerted to watch out for an email coming from an address other than our own.

We have only just discovered this site and haven’t had a chance to put it to the test with real working examples as our current issue is currently with the printers. But we are looking forward to the increased productivity which this will afford us.

FineTuna.com has been the subject of this weeks Tuesday Push


2 Responses to “Easy way to share designs and artwork with FineTuna.com”
  1. Brilliant, thanks for the mention and the real world example. I would love to know how it goes with your clients.

  2. derryo says:

    I’m looking forward to it myself Alan. I’ll be sure to let you know.