Dive in to the world of computer gaming at The Source

The Art of the Computer Game is the name of a ground breaking exhibition opening in The Source Arts Centre, Thurles on Friday 5th June and running until 25th July. Mounted in conjunction with Tipperary Institute, this interactive installation is designed to bring the visitor into the world of computer gaming and give them an insight into the art and creativity that takes place behind the scenes. This will ultimately lead to the debate on whether computer games are, or can be viewed as an art form in their own right.

Using projection techniques and interactive controls, the viewer is encouraged to engage with the software and take control themselves. There are examples of the artwork behind some of the game’s characters along with three dimensional models, on loan from different companies, and comparisons with other media to help view things in a different context. This exhibition does not set out to answer any questions you may have about computer gaming and it’s place in the arts world. It is designed to give you food for thought and to start the debate.

The Art of the Computer Game has been the inspiration behind Game’s Over, this year’s youth arts programme at The Source, which will culminate with a performance of a live interactive computer game, in which the audience will control the participants on stage.

So, whether you are a complete cyber freak or computer games are all alien to you, The Art of the Computer Game should leave you with something to think about.

The Art of the Computer Game is at The Source Arts Centre from Friday 5th June to Saturday 25th July Admission is free. www.thesourceartscentre.ie

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