USI Welcomes The SUSI Grant Changes

The Union of Students in Ireland said they welcome the SUSI grant changes calling them a step forward in higher education and social mobility. At the moment, students may deduct €3,809 of their holiday earnings from family income before the assessment for grant eligibility is done, but that is being raised to €4,500 for the […]

76% Of Students Worry About Securing Employment & Only 23% Have Secured Employment When They Graduate

76% of students are worried about securing employment and only 23% have secured employment when they graduate, according to new pilot study results released today by the Union of Students in Ireland (USI). USI surveyed students across Ireland and asked them how they felt about employment after they graduated. When asked ‘Are you anxious and […]

USI calls on all Political Parties to Commit to Mental Health Reform before the General Election

The Union of Students in Ireland is calling on all political parties to commit to mental health reform and suicide prevention before the General Election. The number of students reporting mental health issues has increased, but as a result of hiring restrictions most colleges can’t afford to hire extra counselling staff to meet the demand. Research by […]

USI Launch the ‘Say Something’ card after survey shows that 16% of Students experience Unwanted Sexual Experience

The Union of Students in Ireland will launch the ‘Say Something’ card in the R Block, IT Tralee at 1pmon Tuesday the 2nd February. The ‘Say Something’ card was developed by USI from research funded by Cosc and the Department of Justice and Equality. The research examined students’ experiences of sexual violence and harassment while […]

Thursday election would deliberately exclude student voters – USI

The Union of Students in Ireland has said that holding the general election on a Thursday would deliberately exclude students from exercising their constitutional right to vote and is calling on the Taoiseach hold the election on a Friday as in 2011. The call comes in light of reports that  Fine Gael are actively considering […]

Union Of Students In Ireland Launches J1 Guide 2016

The Union of Students in Ireland, with support from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and American Ambassador to Ireland, Kevin O’Malley, will launch the J1 Guide 2016 outside Leinster House on 26th January. The guide offers advice to students on how to find a job, secure accommodation and make the most of their opportunity […]

High Dropout Rates Directly Linked with Lack of Student Support

The Union of Students in Ireland has released research today which shows the direct link between the high dropout rates in third level education, and emphasised that students will vote for parties who prioritise education in the General Election. 22.1% of students who dropped out of college said the main reason was financial difficulties. Three-quarters […]

93% of Student Nurses Considering Emigrating when they qualify as a Nurse

The Union of Students in Ireland released new survey information today which showed that 93% of student nurses have considered emigrating when they finish college. Over 600 student nurses were surveyed across the country and 564 (92.5%) said they have thought about emigrating when they qualify as a nurse. ”If the vast majority of student […]

The Union Of Students In Ireland Slammed Ogra Fianna Fáil

The Union of Students in Ireland has slammed Ogra Fianna Fáil for proposing an income-contingent loan scheme for the Irish 3rd level education system at the gates of Trinity College. USI said the loan system is overwhelmingly intimidating and will deter students from applying to college. Ógra Fianna Fáil said “a pragmatic approach to our […]

USI Launches Accommodation & Finance Guide to Support Students

USI has launched its Accommodation and Finance guide ahead of the new academic term. The guide, which is launched in conjunction with the PRTB, gives practical advice to students on securing accommodation. USI President Kevin Donoghue said “Students will find it particularly difficult to secure accommodation in the coming weeks. This guide provides practical advice […]

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