Virtual Community Gathering for Heritage Week

Join Nenagh Arts Centre for a unique Heritage Week event called ‘Harvest Knot for Lughnasa’, a cross-generational project that blends Irish Heritage with contemporary culture.

Lughnasa, traditionally marked by communities working together to bring in the harvest, is a time of celebration, fairs, dancing and family gatherings. Along with the making of the straw Cailleach, Harvest Knots & Love Favours were created to either wear for good luck or exchanged as tokens of love.

Virtual Community Gathering for Heritage WeekFor the month of July, Nenagh Arts Centre will host an online workshop with Melanie Lorien, a Heritage in Schools expert, where she will show us how to create a Harvest Knot and discuss the folklore behind this tradition.

Workshop participants are asked to take a photo of themselves or their loved one wearing the Harvest Knot and send to the Arts Centre for an online exhibition, which will be available for the month of August, thus blending Irish Tradition with contemporary culture.

Artistic Director Eva Birdthistle said “Heritage Week brings together communities, families as well as cultural institutions to build awareness about the value of our heritage. Even though this year we are unable to gather in large groups we have decided with the support of the Heritage Council to gather virtually instead. This project is for everyone, young and old. We hope families can come together to create these beautiful traditional pieces, keeping this tradition alive.”

Nenagh Arts Centre, runners up in last year’s ‘Cool for Kids’ award, are providing workshop packs with instructions which can be picked up at the Box Office. However, anyone across the world can take part in the workshop, which is hosted on their new online channel. For more information contact box office on 067 34400 or pop into the Arts Centre to pick up your pack.

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