How Irish Sports Teams Raise Money

When you slump down into your armchair at the weekend to enjoy several hours of sporting action, many of the teams and athletes you watch on the TV aren’t short of a Euro or two, and that’s putting it mildly. 


Pro athletes and sports teams are worth an incredible amount of money, thanks to lucrative sponsorship deals, royalties, advertising, merchandise, and so on. 


But what about smaller, local sports teams? Do you think your local Sunday league football club is raking in thousands of Euros a week from sponsorship deals with sportswear manufacturers? Absolutely not. So where does their funding come from? Well, it comes from a variety of different avenues, which we’re going to be exploring in more detail today. 




Here’s a look at how Irish sports teams raise money. 


Scrap metal


Ireland is home to some stunning countryside, and as a result, farming and agriculture is very prominent throughout. 


For local sports teams that are in fairly rural settings, scrap metal is actually a very useful way of making some extra funds to keep the team going. 


Consider going door to door whilst wearing your kit, seeing if people have any unwanted scrap metal they would like disposing of, or, even ask your local farmers if they’ve any old scrap they want rid of. 


Bake sales


Another great fundraising idea for a local sports team could be to host a bake sale, either indoors or outdoors, depending on the size, the venue, and the weather. 


Simply encourage members of the team, their friends, their family members, and members of the community looking to support your team, to bake some tasty treats and sell them at the bake sale. 


All proceeds raised could then be funnelled back into the team to help keep it going. 




If your team gets decent exposure and is quite popular, why not ask local businesses if they would sponsor you and have you promote their name and logo on your kit, as well as at the playing ground perhaps. 


This way, you get a sponsor, so your team looks professional, the business sponsoring you gets some exposure and advertising, and your team benefits from being paid in the process. Often you will find local bookmakers or online betting companies take out sponsorships on pitch side banners or through jersey sponsorship and these deals often last for years providing essential revenue. 


Sponsored challenges


Finally, the last great fundraising tip for you and your team could be to take part in a series of fundraising sponsored challenges. 


Now, the challenges you and your team decide to do are entirely up to you, but just remember that the livelier and more outlandish the events, the more attention they receive. 


For example, walking a basic 5K, although positive, wouldn’t draw as much attention as walking 5K whilst dressed as a dinosaur. 


Try to look for fun and exciting challenges to receive sponsors for, but as always, be sure to stay safe. 

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