Public events week to raise awareness around drugs misuse and addiction – Ciara McCormack

A range of public meetings centred around drugs and substance misuse will be hosted by Sinn Féin candidate Ciara McCormack, on the week beginning 4th March.

Speaking on the events, McCormack said:

Public events week to raise awareness around drugs misuse and addiction – Ciara McCormack“In recent months, drug use and availably have come in for increased attention.

“Rather than improving, issues such as drug abuse and addiction seem to be steadily getting worse.

“I engage with these issues regularly in my line of work and I feel more needs to be done to raise awareness and tackle particular issues and taboos around drug addiction in Thurles.

“The first meeting will take place on Tuesday 5th March at 8pm in Hayes Hotel and is open to the public. Here we will discuss how best to protect young people from substance abuse.

“Drugs are more prevalent than ever and our young people are especially vulnerable, therefore I would encourage concerned parents to come along to hear what our panel of experts in the field have to say.

“In that light, it’s important to be vigilant around the increasing dangers that exist.

“Following on from that, on Thursday 7 March at 8pm in Hayes Hotel, I will be inviting local GPs and pharmacists to have a discussion on the problems around the availability of prescription drugs that are increasingly making their way onto our streets. The aim of this would be to encourage new thinking around dispensing large amounts of prescription drugs at on time rather than the preferred model of daily or even weekly dissemination of medication.

“The increasing prevalence of prescription drug abuse is an alarming feature as of late; so much so, that in some areas it’s beginning to outstrip illegal substances as an acute problem.

“It’s my intention to have the input of health services and Gardaí at this meeting also.

“Finally, at 2pm on Saturday 9 March, a Thurles Youth Forum is to be be convened. This will give young people a platform to voice some of their issues and concerns. An invite will be extended to all local elected reps.

“The intention beyond this meeting will be to produce a Youth Committee for Thurles and surrounding areas who will report on issues to the local Thurles Municipal Council. I have spoken to the current Chair and he is supportive of this idea.

“This event too will be held on Hayes Hotel.

“I would strongly encourage members of the public to attend.

“Bígí linn.”

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