Government’s Midwest Regional Enterprise Plan all PR no Substance – Sinn Féin

Last week the Government unveiled a much-vaunted new enterprise plan for the Midwest region, however Sinn Féin have expressed much scepticism about the contents of this initiative.

Sinn Féin general election candidate, Ciara McCormack, and local election candidates for Nenagh and Roscrea, Damien O’ Donoghue and Michael Donovan have stated that this plan will offer North Tipperary little in terms of regional development and sustainable job creation.

Government’s Midwest Regional Enterprise Plan all PR no Substance – Sinn FéinSpeaking on the plan, the Sinn Féin team stated:

“The Midwest Regional Enterprise Plan was introduced to much fanfare by Minister Heather Humphreys in Tipperary last week, but the beyond the glossy PR surface, the content is very much lacking in substance.

“The Plan makes grand claims about transforming Limerick City and the adjoining North Tipperary area into Ireland’s ‘leading smart city hub’, yet the government continues to struggle to meet its own broadband targets for rural Ireland.

“Mobile phone coverage throughout the county also remains poor and below standard.

“If the government cannot deliver on these basics then what hope does It have for creating a hi-tech digital economy in the Midwest?”

Further commenting on the plan, they noted the government’s shortcomings in the area on a broad level:

“The government has an immensely poor record in this region.

“For the last ten years, North Tipperary has consistently been one of the worst regions in terms of IDA investment and job creation.

“And other than recycling their old broadband policies, it’s very hard to see what new ‘smart’ technologies the government intend on rolling out.

“Even considering the rollout of its CCTV expansion scheme, the whole thing has been a disaster.

“That the government cannot even manage such basics does not inspire confidence.”

Concluding on the Sinn Féin view, both Ciara, Damien and Michael agree that the absence of a clear investment plan in the form of a capital programme and rural development structures like community banking will see little advances in terms of regional balance in the area.

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