Paul Kimmage To Launch ‘It’s Who I Am’ By Conor Kenny

Conor Kenny, established author, launched his book ‘It’s Who I Am’ at an exciting event in Dublin yesterday evening. The book was launched by Paul Kimmage, leading sports journalist, and one of the 14 people featured in the book, at the Intercontinental Hotel, in the company of the other personalities featured in the book.


‘It’s Who I Am’ is a story of the journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary. In 14 candid interviews, Conor Kenny speaks to high profile Irish people from a range of professions on their purpose and passion and what it is that got them to where they are today. Each chapter, enthralling and unique, offers an insight into the lives of each person.

Paul Kimmage To Launch ‘It’s Who I Am’ By Conor Kenny

Conor Kenny “It’s Who I Am” Book Launch

“Who am I? It depends who you ask. I heard Gavin Duffy describe me on radio once as a “man who would darken any room”, which was interesting as I’ve never met Gavin or shared a room with him. And if I had a pound for every time I’ve been described as ‘bitter’ or a ‘failed cyclist’, I’d be a very wealthy man.” – Paul Kimmage


In 14 inspirational and honest interviews, Conor shares tears, laughter, highs and lows and gets to know who they really are. Published by Oak Tree Press, ‘It’s Who I Am’ will be available from 18 October 2017 online and in all good book stores.


Conor Kenny commented: “Many go through life without discovering their purpose or passion. These 14 people have. Though, in many ways ordinary, their stories are extraordinary. It’s their pursuit of being true to who they are that teaches us to look differently at our work, our lives and purpose. The only common thread is that what they do is who they are”.



  • Tommy Byrne – Former Racing Car Driver
  • Mick Dowling – Former Irish International Boxer
  • Finbar Furey – Musician
  • John Healy – Restauranteur
  • Domini Kemp – Chef & Author
  • Bobby Kerr – Entrepreneur & Broadcaster
  • Paul Kimmage – Journalist
  • Maebh Leahy – CEO, The Rutland Centre
  • Gary McGann – Business Leader
  • Eamon Morrissey – Actor
  • Liz Nolan – Broadcaster
  • Roberta O’Brien – Naval Commander
  • Pádraig Ó Céidigh – Politician




“When we think about famous people, it’s easy to put them on a pedestal and bestow untouchable status on them. In reality, they are ordinary people just like you and me – but it is their experiences that make them extraordinary.” – Brent Pope


“The one thing that I absolutely learned all my life is that if you don’t know how to play on a team, or develop a team, or lead a team, you haven’t a hope”. – Gary McGann


“I was surprised at the significance the media has for politicians – huge. During the water scenario, somebody phoned me one morning, and was really annoyed with me because I wasn’t giving them an interview. They said, “Do you realise I have a job to do?” and I said back to her, “Do you realise I also have a job to do?” – Pádraig Ó Céidigh



About the Author

Conor Kenny is the founder and principal of Conor Kenny & Associates Ltd, Ireland’s leading independent learning, development and training company for the hospitality and service industries. Conor has over 30 years’ experience in sales, he is a keen writer and a regular columnist for several international websites and magazines. Conor’s previous books include ‘Dancing at the Fountain’ and ‘Sales Tales’.

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