Marin Highlanders Kick Off The Premier Hurling Experience Year

A large group of young athletes from Marin Highlanders kicked off the 2017 Premier Hurling experience last Monday at the Nenagh A F C Brickfields complex. A group of 51 arrived in Nenagh at the recommendation of St Marys High School Bruce Grey also from San Francisco who were full of their praise for the Premier Hurling experience. Munster Minor Hurler of the year Jake Morris put the young Rugby team through a range of Hurling skills while master crafts Hurley maker Phil Bourke showed the group how a Hurley is made and the history of Hurley making . The group finished the experience with the Premier Hurling experience long Puc competition won by Logan Keniivort with a monstrous effort.  The group then went on to eat at the Hibernian Inn and they were  highly complementary of  the quality of the food .Other groups booked in are Highland Buzzards 61 members , Monarch High School 45 members, Meraloma r f c 27 .Stirling County 47 and New Brunswick 26 will make their second visit to Nenagh  later on in the year .

Marin Highlanders from San Francisco

Marin Highlanders from San Francisco At the Premier Hurling Experience 

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