Draft your own legal documents with Tipperary-based LawOnline’s expert system

Tipperary-based LawOnline (www.lawonline.ie) is a new and innovative legal services provider which enables individuals and businesses to draft legal documents online at a fixed and low cost.

Using powerful expert document assembly software and the legal knowledge of its solicitors, LawOnline enables its users to draft legal documents which are highly customised to their specific needs – but cuts the cost of traditional legal fees.

Areas of law covered include employment, debt recovery, family law, landlord and tenant, wills, powers of attorney and many other categories. The service currently has over 150 document processes in total.

The LawOnline platform ‘assembles’ a legal document using a number of sources – the information provided by the client, the legal rules and knowledge embedded in its software and the legal clauses and language in its database.  All the legal content has been compiled and drafted by solicitors holding practising certificates from the Incorporated Law Society of Ireland.

Also aimed at the legal sector, LawOnline allows solicitors, particularly in smaller practices, to access a comprehensive bank of precedent document processes.  This adds to their legal knowledge base and expertise while also increasing productivity – the system enables less experienced legal staff to draft documents which would normally require supervision.

For users who wish to get further legal advice or assistance with their drafted documents, LawOnline has partnered with William J. Brennan & Co Solicitors based in central Dublin and Ashbourne, Co. Meath.

LawOnline received support from the Tipperary North County Enterprise Board and Enterprise Ireland’s High Potential Start-Up (HPSU) programme.

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