Tipperary People need a Break!

It seems that Irish people are in need of a little rest and relaxation according to new research* by Hotels.com. The survey into what we would do if we were given a day to do whatever we wanted, with no repercussions, finds that 1 in 5 of us would use the day to go on holiday.


The second most popular choice on how to enjoy a ‘guilt free day’ was to spend time with a loved one (17%) while go shopping was third (11%). 9% say given the option they would spend the day in the pub. Luckily, only 3% of people said they would use the day to commit a crime!


If presented with a free day in a hotel room, the number one thing Irish people would do is spend time with their partner between the sheets (45%). A gluttonous quarter (25%) would order everything from the room service menu while 8% would ‘drink the mini-bar dry.’


Carolina Annand of the Hotels.com brand commented “It’s clear from this survey that Irish people are longing for some time off. Oftentimes it can be difficult to strike the right work/life balance but it’s important to schedule in some time to do things that you enjoy as ‘guilt free’ days don’t come around very often!’


If you had one guilt free day, what would you most like to do?

1 Go on holiday 20%
2 Spend the day with a loved one 17%
3 Go shopping 11%
4 Spend the day with family 10%
5 Spend the day in the pub 9%
6 Spend the day in bed 8%
6 Stay in pyjamas all day 8%
7 Spend the day with friends 6%
8 Commit a crime 3%



If you had a guilt free day in a hotel room, what would you most like to do?

1 Spend time in bed with partner 45%
2 Order everything on the room service menu 25%
3 Drink the mini-bar dry 8%
4 Watch all of the pay-per-view movies 7%



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