“An Gaeilgeoir is Greannmhaire” – The Search is on for Ireland’s Funniest Gaeilgeoir ….. Begins Thursday March 27th @9.30pm

“An Gaeilgeoir is Greannmhaire” (G.I.G) is a newly formatted 8 part series from Good Company Productions to be broadcast beginning on Thursday 27th March 2014 where we find the funniest Irish Speaking Comedian (Gaeilgeoir) in Ireland with the winner going home with a cash prize of 5,000 Euro and a spot at a top Irish Comedy Festival in 2014 !

Anchored by Síle Seoige we join our eclectic mix of judges as in a unique television experience we trawl the countryside and the cities of Ireland in search of Ireland’s funniest ‘real’ Gaeilgeoir as we weed out the voices, the comics, the characters, the fluency, the stars and the chancers who think they have what it takes.

Over an 8 week period our Judges enlist the help of many well known mentors as the ‘wannabees’ begin the training and the tutoring process. We will take them on a journey into the world of Irish comedy and comics as we train them to be the best, to write the best, to think the best and to perform the best.


John McArdle, Síle Seoige and Tommy McArdle

John McArdle, Síle Seoige and Tommy McArdle

Locating our final line up in Galway City which becomes our initial base and with our 2 resident Judges, twins Tommy and John McArdle and joined by a guest judge each week (Padraic Breathnach, Hector, Blathnaid Ni Chofaigh, Alan Titley, Ronan Mac Aodha Bhui etc) we go on tour throughout the Connemara Gaeltacht for 3 shows and then return to Dublin City for 2 shows.

Only 8 aspiring comics will be chosen as we start out but many will be eliminated by the judges and the audience as we go.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be coached and mentored to become a stand up comic – We know it’s been done in the English language ! The question is can they transform these skills to work on the Irish language stage.

Along with this to propel the narrative we have chatted with comics such as Pat Shortt, Katherine Lynch, Colm O’Regan, Jason Byrne, Foil, Arms & Hog, Karl Spain, David McSavage, Chris Kent and Kevin Gildea discussing various elements of the creation of a comic from scriptwriting to audience engagement to heckling to character and persona.

Who will stick the pace, who will create the best material and who will head to the finale in Killarney and perform to over 300 people at the premier Irish Language Festival in Ireland, ‘Oireachtas na Samhna’ as they showcase 8 “nóiméad” of ‘Stand Up’ as Gaeilge and be crowned “An Gaeilgeoir is Greannmhaire”.

TX 1. Thursday March 27th @9.30pm

We have travelled all over Ireland meeting comics North, South, East and West and have shortlisted 15 hopefuls. It’s audition time as John and Tommy McArdle have the huge task of choosing the final 8 that will fight in out for the title of the funniest Gaeilgeoir in Ireland – “An Gaeilgeoir is Greannmhaire”. With words of encouragement from well known comics Pat Shortt, Katherine Lynch, Jason Byrne, Karl Spain, David McSavage and Kevin Gildea this promises to be a first show not to be missed.


TX 2. Thursday April 3rd @9.30pm The final 8 arrive at the Druid Theatre in Galway City. This is where they will perform their act for the first time – But not to an audience but to each other. There’s no eliminations this week as we learn from well established comics Pat Shortt, Katherine Lynch, Jason Byrne, Karl Spain, David McSavage and Kevin Gildea about the journey that lies ahead for these wannabe comics.


TX 3. Thursday April 10th @9.30pm – Our final 8 comics arrive in the village of Carna in the Gaeltacht to the sound of guest rapper MC Muipéid who has some rapping fun in store on the pier. But it’s then down to serious business as it’s here in the Carna Bay Hotel that they will perform their first 3 minute set to a packed local audience tonight. With judges John and Tommy joined by our guest Páraic Breathnach they along with the audience will vote and decide on who is the first comic to be eliminated from GIG.

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