Morris accuses Labour of abandoning their principles

“  Morris Claims that Labour have capitulated to Fine Gael In Government”


In the same week that the Labour party held their 100 anniversary in Clonmel the party have all but abandoned their principles and indeed the people that voted for them in Tipperary by tearing up their pre election contract with the electorate. Redline issues like children’s allowances and carers allowances and home help were abandoned in order to protect the elite of society. Last week’s budget was put together by 3 former schoolteachers and a former Union official who have long ago forgotten what family life is like in an Ireland that is drowning in a debt that has been imposed on them by this and our previous Government. The budget was neither women proofed nor poverty proofed such was the devastation that it has imposed on Women and Children. These 4 men have acted like a vichy government imposing the will of the E C B on suffering families across Tipperary. Of course they can only see the huge pensions at the end of their tunnel while the rest of us don’t even have a tunnel to look into.

Last week the Irish Times did a survey on Trim to see how much money has been taken from the town in this budget and they came up with a figure of 2.1 million euros. Seeing as Trim is of a similar size to Nenagh I can only assume that 2.1 million of spending power is being taken from the already struggling businesses of Nenagh.

The effects of taking such money out of our pockets will see its way down to charities schools and sporting organisations who depend on the public to make up their Government imposed shortfalls.

The fact that Labour also capitulated on the extra 3% tax on the Universal Social Charge on the wealthy shows that they have no voice in a Government which protects the elite. This budget also sees the introduction of the family home tax which will be a disaster for the people who are already struggling with household debt. This has the potential to criminalise whole sections of society who are already on their knees while the elite are protected.  To add insult to injury these same politicians refused to hit their own huge pay packets.

I predict more and more Labour councillors following Cllr Darren Ryans defection as they see the wipe-out that faces them in the next local elections. Sinn Fein held a co ordinated campaign of protests at Labour and Fine Gael offices across Tipperary and Sinn Fein have tabled a motion of no confidence in the Government next week. James Connolly would be ashamed of the Party that was set up in Tipperary a century ago. Yours sincerely Cllr. Séamie Morris

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