Borrisokane Community Forum Notes

After School Club
The After School club will be finishing up for the half term and returning
on 5th November.  A special thanks to the Transition Year students who
were terrific with the children.  All benefited from the experience.

Borrisokane Food and Craft Market
The market is looking great and the new location of the sidewalk beside
the market square is attracting great interest with the passing traffic, and new
stallholders are most welcome to come on board. Congratulations to Malachy
Dorris of Lough Derg Chocolates on winning yet another award – come along and
give them a try!  New October opening times are 10am to 3pm.

Borrisokane LocalSwitch Association
A lot of work has being going on behind the scenes following the local
Jobs Fair initiative. A ‘Start your business course’ is due to start shortly and
details will be relayed once they are to hand.  Check Borrisokane notes,
Borrisokane Community Forum Facebook and shop window for details.

A large turnout met last week to further discuss the possibility of
establishing a local wood co-op with local tree farmers.  A skype call
was made to an established wood co-op in Donegal and a visit there is
on the cards to see first hand how the operation works.

The market garden/food co-op are meeting this week and details
to follow shortly.

Household surveys are being carried out and all locals are being encouraged
to complete as fully as possible as they provide valuable anonymous information which show our current fuel/oil consumption and potential alternatives.
If you haven’t received one, please either call into Derry in the Local Switch office,
phone 086 3191673 or email Derry on


Local Switch raffle draw has been extended to allow more people to enter into this draw with wonderful and valuable prizes which include a wood stove; 100 sapling trees to be planted for you and a lighting audit on your home, for example.

Family Cookery Classes
Classes will resume in the Community College this Thursday from 6.30 to 8.30
and will be closed for the half term.  Classes will resume on the 8th November for another 4
classes.  An ideal opportunity for the family to cook together.

Donna McLoughlin, Internship with North Tipperary LEADER Partnership
Readers to this column will be aware that Donna has been the lynchpin to this organisation
for the last 9 months.  It was through her dedication to the role and her professionalism
that this group has managed to get so many initiatives up and (successfully) running.

The constraints of the Internship means that as no official role was generated for her,
this post of Community Development Officer for Borrisokane has now lapsed and as with
our local Bank, AIB also closing, the ramifications of this loss may not be felt immediately,
but the loss will be felt most by those for whom the service was invaluable.

Through Donna’s involvement in Borrisokane Community Forum, there have been a total
of 23 initiatives which included some of the above and obviously many others.  Two
substantial projects that would have regenerated the town and surrounding districts
are now in danger of not proceeding.  While all acknowledge the terrific work undertaken
by Donna, not one agency has stepped forward to fund her post, which is a huge loss
to both the group and Borrisokane.

Many thanks to Donna from the members of Borrisokane Community Forum.

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