“WHISTLE THIS” at Bowes Bar Thurles, presented by Tom Lyons.

“WHISTLE THIS” at Bowes Bar Thurles, presented by Tom Lyons.

Thurles native Tom Lyons, well known singer/ songwriter musician is providing a stage for musicians and poets to display their talents. The “Whistle This” nights held in Bowes Bar Thurles gives an opportunity for people to come and perform. This can be anything from singing an original song, doing your own unique cover version of a song, playing a tune, or reciting a poem. The stage is yours, and there is no time limit.
Tom is on hand to help in any way. He assists with sound, and most times stays on stage with the artists to provide some backing guitar and vocals.
Anyone thinking of coming in for the first time will receive a warm welcome from Tom, the Bowes staff, and there is a great atmosphere between the participating artists.
Tom came up with the idea initially two years ago and held a once a year concert in The Source venue. It has developed from that into a one month event, usually the first Friday of the month (check posters and advertising) and it has built up a very large following indeed.

Tipp Fm are great supports of the event, and one of the stations Dj’s Mr Fran Curry can often be seen there, keyboards at hand to join in the sessions. Tipp Fm also promote the event on the radio and play any releases, cds and singles from artists that go there. Eoin Ryan, a gifted local musician has received a lot of air play recently from the station.

Regular performers that can be seen at “Whistle This” are, Lorcan Lyons, Eoin (bono) Ryan, Avi McGourty to name a few. The world famous bass player Eoghan O Neill, of Riverdance, Moving Hearts, Chris Rea fame is a regular visitor to “Whistle This” and loves jumping up on stage for a jam session.
Tom has future plans for the event, he hopes to set up a stage video camera so that the gig could be streamed on to the internet. He also hopes to fit a screen in the bar so that the acts can be viewed from everywhere in the Bar. This would be useful on the very busy nights. There are also plans in place to do feature nights. Focusing on two to three acts on a night; this would give the chosen performers a bit more time, and a chance to display more of their music. These would be special events a couple of times during the year.

It looks like “Whistle This” is here to stay. It’s great to have an event like this in the town and its popularity shows that the public agree.
So if you have a song or a poem written and need a stage to perform it, or if you’re just looking for a great, unique night out, make your way to Bowes Bar, Friar Street, Thurles for one of the great “Whistle This” nights.


Written by Pat Wright;

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