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Ireland as a country has had an obsession with deferring power to others so that we can blame everyone else for our own problems.

Before this state was formed we liked to defer to the British(some still dream of the return of British rule) we then deferred to the Catholic church and now thanks to the FF/Green/Lowryite Governments abdication to the Troika we now have someone else to blame for our actions.

Fine Gael and Labour have willingly followed in the footsteps of the previous Government by deferring all power to outside forces but the willingness of our new Government to strip every last piece of flesh off the backs of the Irish taxpayer to pay back failed speculative gambles and debts caused by idiot senior banking officials while still protecting the elite of society from any pain or austerity is breathtaking from a Government that has no back bone.

The budget cuts are fast beginning to bite where every section of Irish Society are relieved of the hard earned cash, except of course the Top people in society who remain untouched. Former Taoiseach and Fine Gael guru John Bruton recently told us that we must abandon our culture of entitlement but last week he signalled that he would not relinquish his 138,000 euro pension. A case of do as I say not what I do! All the people that lecture us on what we should do are happy coasting along with their fat wages and bursting pension pots paid for by you and i(Including Alan Kelly and Noel Coonan). They have no problem breaking their own salary caps to hire friends with special skills. While they feather their own nest they are coming up with more and more ways of dipping their hands into your pocket so that they can persuade the Troika that we are Good Europeans. But of course our Government will tell us that it is the Troikas fault  They made us do it!

Austerity is causing businesses to fail and tax payers to become unemployed as a result tax revenue falls and the deficit grows bigger. It is the big lie of right wind pseudo economics (swallowed hook line and sinker by Labour) that we can tax our way out of a recession. Meanwhile another couple of bondholder vultures will get a 1.5 billion windfall before the end of January.

It is up to the Irish people to take back control by putting their foot down in a display of economic warfare that will need us to refuse to pay any extra taxes while foreign bondholders are sucking us dry. I will use a quote from Enda Kenny in 1994 to show us the way “It is morally wrong unjust and unfair to tax a persons house “. Of course that was before Enda deferred all power to the Troika.

Yours sincerely Cllr. Séamie Morris   08/01/2012

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