Government in denial over the depth of despair caused by the austerity measures

The recent scandalous comments by Michael Noonan where he claimed that the emigration forced on Irish People with the collapse of the Economy “was merely a choice of lifestyle” beggar’s belief from a minister with his head stuck up the jumpers of the Euro fascists that are running Europe over a cliff.
The fact is that 40,000 Irish people will be forced to emigrate this year alone most of them men between 25/45 who have to leave their families behind in order to keep a roof over their heads. A visit to any Airport by one of the Minsters overpaid advisors would show him the anguish of Families being torn apart by his Economic policies.
Yesterday’s press conference by the Troika who tore themselves away from their 5 star command bunker to engage with the Irish media showed how deluded the Government are in their pronouncements of progress in getting some crumbs from the IMF/ECB/EU foreign occupiers. The reality is that Fine Gael and Labour have been shown up to be willing quislings in the efforts of the Euro Elite for the full movement to a European Federal State. Sinn Fein’s meeting with the Troika last week confirmed that The Government have not used all the means available to them to stimulate the economy preferring the well worn tactic of shrinking the population through Forced Emigration letting other states care for our Young people instead. A recent Credit Union survey showed that 40% of our young people saw no future for them in their own motherland shows the absolute lack of faith in this Governments efforts of putting this country back on its feet. This Government has an order of Priority when handing out your taxpayers money that they abide by and it is 1/ Troika 2/ Bondholders lost gambles 3/ Fat pensions for failed Senior Bankers and Civil Servants 4/ Their own Pay and fat pensions 5/ Really special Advisors wages and last you the taxpayer gets to share the scraps. The only reason for the whole host of extra new taxes is to increase the pot for 1 to 5 and you and I will be expected to pay for it if we are foolish enough. Time I think for us to stand against the new taxes.
Yours sincerely Cllr. Séamie Morris 20/01/12

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