North Tipp Ogra Congratulates Penrose and Naughton

A recent meeting of North Tipperary Ogra Fianna Fail saw a motion being passed which extended congratulations to Fine Gael Deputy Denis Naughten and Labour Deputy Willie Penrose. The motion commended the deputies for standing up for pre-election promises, undertaken by both Fine Gael and Labour, on behalf of their constituents.

Arthur Griffin, Chair of North Tipperary Ogra, welcomed the passing of the motion stating that it was “a bad sign when two of their own most prominent TD’s have gone overboard after only 250 days in office”. Mr Griffin went on to say that the repercussions of the false promises made by the government prior to the election were now coming home to roost, but congratulated Deputies Naughten and Penrose for standing by their pre-election pledges stating that “it’s not that anyone doubts the tough decisions that have to be made. However during the recent general election this government sought to buy electoral success by making promises across Ireland that they knew could not be honoured, and I commend both deputies for standing by their constituents by not rowing back on their own pre-election pledges”. Mr Griffin went on to recognise that North Tipperary Ogra had played a constructive role during the recent general election and refrained from issuing outlandish promises during the campaign, saying that “we in Ogra recognise the need to move beyond deceitful politics which have never served Ireland well, and we will be holding both Deputy Coonan and Deputy Kelly to their pre-election commitments.”

The Ogra representatives also drew attention to hot issues in North Tipperary.

”Promises were made to people in North Tipperary during the election regarding healthcare and the Garda college, amongst other things. Today we are awaiting word on the extent of closures in Thurles Community Hospital of the Assumption. We also have yet to see any sign of new recruits being taken into the Garda college, and just this week alone we have learned that the government has shelved plans to decentralise administrative functions from Garda Headquarters to the Garda college in Templemore. I think that gives us all an indication of the level of commitment that this government has towards Templemore, and North Tipperary as a whole” said PRO Greg Moroney of Newport Ogra.

The new generation of Fianna Fail members have called on Junior Minister Kelly and Deputy Coonan to follow the example set by their government colleagues and draw a clear line in the sand for the constituents of North Tipperary.

The issue of Deputies Naughton and Penrose resigning was discussed as Ogra members gathered to view a video which details various government u-turns less than nine months into office. The video, recently published on YouTube, begins with Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore promising during the general election that it would be Labours way and not “Frankfurts way” in regards the government’s economic policies and contains footage of Minister Leo Varadkar swearing that the banks “are not getting another cent” under a Fine Gael led government.

“The launch of the video coincides with a new Ogra web facility whereby the public can submit examples of u-turns and broken promises made by government party TD’s within their own communities. Ogra in North Tipp will be watching Junior Minister Kelly and Deputy Coonan to ensure they are held to account over the breaking of any promises which were made during the election,” said Ogra Vice Chair Silvianne Strapp.

The meeting concluded with calls for Junior Minister Kelly and Deputy Coonan to outline whether it was Enda Kenny and Eamon Gilmore that they owed their allegiance to, or the people of North Tipperary.

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