Morris pledges support for U.S.I. anti fees campaign

I would like to lend my support the the Union of Students “Stop Fees, Save the Grant” campaign which is about ensuring that access to third level education remains a right not a privilege. As the U S I rightly point out being able to obtain a quality education is a vital pre requisite to kick starting Irelands economic recovery. Despite this the Fine Gael/Labour Government continues to target education by implementing the same policies as their predecessors by effectively implementing collective punishment on the ordinary people for the failures of our Capitalist Banking system ( Alan Kelly has done a u turn on his pre election promise not to cut fees) This has resulted in increased fees and cuts to student grants. It certainly isn’t the Labours way or Frankfurt’s way as we were promised by Eamon Gilmore
I would encourage everyone who believes in an equitable and fair education to support this campaign. As we approach December’s budget the Government has already made clear that they intend to make sweeping cuts to a whole range of services. Education is the third highest spending department and there are fears that Minister for Education Ruiri Quinn will further increase the student contribution fee in a move that will have a significant impact on low and middle income families and mature students. This of course goes against the very same people that Labour purport to represent.
It is a policy that is short sighted and will do nothing to kick start the economy. If registration fees increase and mature student grants abandoned then a growing number of people will be forced out of college and onto the dole.

Yours sincerely Cllr. Séamie Morris

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