Community Hospital Action Group Thurles to Hold Public Rally

The Community Hospital Action Group, as formed at a recent public meeting in Thurles, have announced their plan to hold a public rally to allow the people of Thurles and the surrounding areas to voice their discontent and frustration over the recent HSE decision to close 22 respite beds in the Community Hospital of the Assumption, Thurles. This follows on from a strong turnout at a local public meeting.

The public rally will be held on Saturday the 12th of November and will commence at 2pm at the Community Hospital of the Assumption. The crowd will then march to Liberty Square in Thurles, where local representatives will be asked to address the crowd.

The Community Hospital of the Assumption was disproportionately hit by recent cuts announced by the HSE. This is despite the fact that the Community Hospital remained within budget at all times. This unfairness cannot continue.

The Action group are hoping for a powerful display of solidarity from the people of Thurles and all surrounding areas. They are calling on all people in the area to come out and support this worthy cause. Unless there is a strong statement made to the Government it is feared that there will be further bed closures and additional loss of services. It is hoped that thousands will turn out on the day.

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