Hard-Hitting Play ‘Five Kinds of Silence’ and 1963 Italian film ‘The Leopard’ at Nenagh Arts Centre This Weekend

Orchard Theatre Company are working in conjunction with ADAPT Services to help raise funds and improve the public’s awareness of the abuse that is around us every day.  Through the play ‘Five Kinds of Silence’ which was written by Shelagh Stephenson; the Company bring a voice to an issue that is not openly spoken about in Ireland. The piece tours to Nenagh this Saturday the 30th of April.

Orchard Theatre Company’s ‘Five Kinds of Silence’ at Nenagh Arts Centre this week

‘Five Kinds of Silence’ asks the audience why would a man or woman torture their own children? The main character Billy controls his wife and two adult daughters to the extent that they can’t leave the room without asking permission. He runs his family as a personal fiefdom, and the women are there to service him and his madness. He is violent, disturbed but also tragic, sad, a lost soul. One day his family shoots him dead. The play shows us a distorted world of madness, control and despair through the eyes of dead Billy and those of his family struggling to understand reality outside their stifling tomb.

Winner of the 1996 Writers’ Guild Award for the Best Original Radio Play and the 1997 Sony Award for Best Original Drama, ‘Five Kinds of Silence’ is the story of a family where control has become the driving force, where everything has its place and there are only rules, duties and punishments.

ADAPT has a range of services for women survivors of domestic abuse and their children.  By attending the performance of ‘Five Kinds of Silence’ you will be helping ADAPT to provide some of the following services: safe emergency refuge accommodation, free phone helpline, court preparation & accompaniment, advocacy & accompaniment to services, training & development opportunities and childcare support.

’Five Kinds of Silence’ plays at 8 p.m. on Saturday April 30th in Nenagh Arts Centre Ticket from 067 34900 or online at www.nenagharts.com


Italian Cinema Epic features at Nenagh Arts Centre

Claudia Cardinale in ‘The Leopard’ at Nenagh Arts Centre

The 1963 Italian film ‘The Leopard’ screens at 7.30 p.m. on this Thursday, April 28th in Nenagh Arts Centre.

This epic film by director Luchino Visconti tells the story of the changes wrought by the battle for Italian independence in the mid-19th Century. Burt Lancaster stars as a Sicilian Prince who realises that he must compromise his ideals in order to protect his family and his estate into the future. The arrival of the vivacious Claudia Cardinale, a lower class merchant’s daughter, to marry his son offers him the opportunity to safeguard his house by making a pact with her wealthy family.

The film, large in scope and grandeur, is similar in many ways to ‘Gone With the Wind’ as the sweep of history passes over a family, changing them utterly. The film closes with what is regarded as one of the great scenes in cinema history, the famous ballroom scene, with sumptuous sets and costume encapsulating the now-fading world of the Prince for one last time.

Patrons should note the earlier start time of 7.30 p.m. as the film is just over three hours long and has subtitles. Booking in advance from the Arts Centre on 067 34900. Tickets are €6.

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