How North Tipperary Voted in the Last General Election in 2007

In the last general election in 2007, there were 44, 431 on the total valid poll with a turnout of 78.5%.  There were 3 seats, a quota of 11,108, and the electorate was 57,084.

The candidates that were elected with the highest percentage of votes were Independent Michael Lowry with 29.9% of the vote, Fianna Fáil’s Máire Hoctor with 16.6% of the vote, and Fine Gael’s Noel Coonan with 15.9% of the vote. Vote transfers were crucial in deciding the fate of the candidates for the remaining 2 seats after Michael Lowry was elected on the first count.

There were 9 candidates altogether running in the North Tipperary Constituency with 3 sitting TDs Hoctor, Lowry and Smith in contention.

Michael Lowry topped the poll and was deemed elected after the 1st count having exceeded the quota.

Paul McNally, Green Party and Tony Sheary, PDs were eliminated after count 2.

Séamus Morris, Sinn Fein, was eliminated after count 3.

Jim Ryan, Independent was eliminated after count 4.

Kathleen O’Meara, Labour was eliminated after count 5.

The table below shows how the transfer of votes went with 3 candidates in the running for the final two seats by count 6. It is interesting to note that in count 5, Michael Smith (FF) was ahead of both party colleague Maire Hoctor and Fine Gael’s Noel Coonan. After the elimination of Labour’s Kathleen O Meara, Noel Coonan jumped ahead of the others with a greater share of transfers. O’Meara’s transfers also ensured that Maire Hoctor leapfrogged Michael Smith by 560 votes, aided no doubt by the fact that Hoctor was based in Nenagh, the same electoral area as O Meara.

The forthcoming election will be a dogfight to the very end with transfers playing a crucial part.


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