One of Ireland's first ever political Rap songs

Tipperary man Senator Alan Kelly has released a Rap song

Now we don’t favour one politician over another here in Tipp Tatler Towers (we prefer cold hard cash instead of political posturing) but this video caught our attention here today. And even though he hasn’t advertised in our latest issue (an oversight, for which heads will roll, I am sure) he has advertised with us in the past. So seeing that we look after all our customers, past and present and the fact that video is a fantastic piece of work, we couldn’t but post it here on our blog. Enjoy!

The following text is from the YouTube site where the video is hosted: (Written by Garry McCarthy aka GMC featuring State of Jay)

One of Irelands first ever political rap songs will be revealed by Labour MEP candidate in Cork City, this coming Wednesday, May 26th at 10am on the docks outside the Clarion Hotel.

The song, recorded by GMC, the famous Cork rapper who previously had a Top 15 hit with Not tonight has composed a song entitled Dont make the wrong choice Vote Alan Kelly in support of the Labour campaign

Speaking ahead of the unveiling, Senator Kelly said:

It is a very entertaining, humorous song but with a very serious message portraying the anger that many people are feeling but talking using Europe as a mechanism to create jobs and come out the other side of the recession. GMC has done an amazing job getting to the heart of a real issue in a way that is entertaining to young people who would not typically have an interest in political matters, stated Senator Kelly.

The song, Dont Make the wrong choice – Vote Alan Kelly was written by Garry McCarthy (aka GMC) with music by famous Cork band State of Jay

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