Second Thinning Grant Introduced For Broadleaf Forests

National Farm Forestry Chairman, Pat Collins has updated farmers that a second thinning grant of €500/ha is now available under the Woodland Improvement Scheme to support farmers to undertake essential management.   He said, “Thinning and tending are essential operations to improve individual stem quality and the overall quality of the forest. From a commercial […]

IFA Welcomes 20% Increase In Forest Road Grant

IFA National Farm Forestry Chairman, Pat Collins has welcomed the 20% increase in the length of forest road grand aided under the Forest Road Scheme secured under the Mid-term Review of the Forestry Programme 2014 – 2020. The length is increased from 20m/ha to 25m/ha.   He said, “This is a very important increase; the […]

IFA Encourages Farmers To Harvest And Make The Most Of Rising Timber Prices

IFA Farm Forestry Chairman, Pat Collins has encouraged farmers with plantations over 14 years old to start to plan and prepare to thin their forest and make the most of the rising timber prices.   “The economic recovery across western Europe has led to a growing demand for sawn timber”, said Mr. Collins. “The increasing […]

Why Active Management Of Your Forest Is So Important – IFA

IFA Farm Forestry Chairman, Pat Collins said forests that are actively managed and thinned regularly encourage the strongest trees to thrive, are healthier, capture more carbon and generate more income for owners.   Mr Collins said there are a lot of farmers who are not managing their forests and this could significantly reduce the value […]

IFA Timber Price Survey Shows Increase Across All Product Types

IFA Farm Forestry Chairman, Pat Collins said the latest timber price survey shows that farmers are getting a higher price across all product types in the last quarter. The largest increase was for sawlog, which saw farmers being paid up to €80 per tonne at roadside for quality sawlog. This represents an increase of over […]

IFA Advises Farmers To Stop Planting Until Autumn

IFA Farm Forestry Chairman, Pat Collins has advised farmers who have financial approval to afforest to wait until the autumn to plant. He said that normally all planting had stopped at this stage but the planting season had been extended this summer due to the introduction of the Forestry Regulation, which now requires farmers to […]