CIF Comment On Central Bank Rule Changes

Following the review of mortgage measures announced by the Central Bank, CIF Director General, Tom Parlon, stated: “The CIF recognises that the Central Bank’s macro-prudential rules are part of a necessary regulatory framework within the Irish banking system. Today’s changes to the deposit rules may assist first-time buyers in securing mortgages. Providing mortgages to this […]

Average couple frozen out of the housing market – CIF

Research shows that average couple (nurse, garda, teacher or civil servants with 5 years’ experience) are unable to secure a mortgage for average priced house.) The Construction Industry Federation’s submission to the Central Bank’s review of its macro-prudential mortgage recommended changes to the rules that would allow the average couple with a strong track record […]

Better Protection For Home Buyers Under New EU Mortgage Rules

Speaking from Strasbourg yesterday, after the European Parliament gave its final backing to a law setting EU-wide standards on mortgages, Labour MEP for Ireland South, Phil Prendergast, said:   “This new legislation covering mortgages on residential property means that home buyers who take out a loan will be better protected under common, EU-wide standards.   […]

Healy Advocates Relief for Mortgage Holders in Negative Equity

In a speech in the Dáil on Wednesday evening, Seamus Healy TD supported a Private Members Bill to remove Veto from Banks in Personal Insolvency Procedures and to revalue owner occupied properties downwards to 110% of  the value to-day as has been done in other countries. The motion was defeated by the combined votes of Labour Party […]

Anti Eviction Taskforce Launches in Ireland

An independent group of home owners has decided to band together and unite in a concerted effort to protect all homes against repossession. The group, calling itself the Anti-Eviction Taskforce is growing in numbers at a tremendous pace. Starting with a handful of people under threat of eviction, its numbers swelled to over 200 people […]