Tonight’s EuroMillions Jackpot a HOT €30 million!

Three ways an Irish winner can escape the big freeze if their numbers come up   National Lottery players dont have to miss out on tonight’s hot €30 million jackpot despite the artic weather conditions.   The National Lottery today reminded players who are not in a position to get to their local shops to buy a ticket due to the snow […]

Tonight’s mega EuroMillions jackpot of €38.9 million won on ticket sold in Ireland!

A ticket bought in Ireland has won tonight’s mega EuroMillions jackpot of a life-changing €38.9 million. This is the third EuroMillions jackpot won in Ireland this year and the 12th since EuroMillions began in 2004. A National Lottery spokesperson has appealed to players to check their numbers to see if they are the holder of […]

6 Islands you could buy if you win tonight’s Euromillions

Forget a designer watch, super sports car, lavish mansion or trendy yacht. If a lucky Irish winner scoops Friday’s (May 26th) mega €130 million EuroMillions Jackpot, they can truly live the dream and go shopping for their very own exotic island! With sales for Friday’s bank-busting EuroMillions Jackpot brisk all over the country, the National […]