Eurobarometer On Food Waste And Labelling

Eating and drinking take centre stage at this time of year. But there are about 100 million tonnes of food thrown out every year in the EU. Eurobarometer have been asking people whose fault this is and how things could be improved. Irish people, in common with most Europeans, think that consumers have to take […]

Housing a growing concern for Irish people – Eurobarometer

Housing is a growing concern for Irish people, according to the results of the latest Eurobarometer survey released today, which reveals that levels of concern over housing have shot up from 9% in the previous survey, to 23% in the latest survey. Unemployment is a top concern on a national level, while on a personal […]

Relocating for employment biggest concern among Irish youth

Having to move to find a job is a top concern for 32% of Ireland’s young people, compared to 16% at EU level, according to a Eurobarometer on European Youth, released today. This is followed by concerns around securing a stable job or a long term contract, which is a concern for 29% of Irish […]

Ireland’s optimism picking up – Eurobarometer

Standard “Eurobarometer 82” opinion poll, Irish national report, with Professor Richard Sinnott and Dr Stephen Quinlan The results of the latest Eurobarometer suggest that, after some negative years, a more optimistic view of the EU is resurfacing in Ireland. Meanwhile, on the economy, while most people (60%) see the situation as ‘bad’, numbers saying this […]