IFA Call For Scrap Metal Compliance Scheme To Control Metal Theft

IFA Environment & Rural Affairs Chairman Pat Farrell has called for the immediate introduction of a metal compliance scheme, similar to those operated by REPAK, IFFPG and WEE Ireland, to address the escalating problem of metal theft in rural Ireland. Mr. Farrell said, “In recent months’ householders in Limerick were left without a phone service […]

Start Of AEOS 1 Payments Must Be Extended Immediately To All 8,500 Farmers – IFA

IFA Rural Development Chairman Tom Turley has said that the commencement of AEOS payments this week is long overdue and must be immediately extended to all farmers who applied for the scheme in 2010. Mr. Turley said the payments relate to the number of months farmers were in the scheme in 2010.  5,600 farmers had […]

IFA Reject Birdwatch Claims As Flawed And Misguided

In rejecting the allegations from Birdwatch Ireland, IFA Rural Development Chairman Tom Turley pointed to the failings of environment groups, which forced destocking on upland commonage areas in the past. This resulted in many areas becoming overgrown, affecting farm viability and damaging natural habitats for birds. He said, “If the bird population is dropping, it’s […]

Farmers Keep Informed – Follow @Ifamedia On Twitter

For all of the latest news and information on farming and rural issues follow the Irish Farmers’ Association’s Twitter account @IFAmedia.  IFA Regional Press & Web Comms Officer Morag Devins said “an IFA Twitter account has been established to provide farmers and countryside dwellers with instant news, policies and market prices.” She said “farmers spend […]

Farming Update 10th June 2010

by PJ Phelan Grassland Management. Manage grass so as to ensure that grazing animals get leafy grass at all times. Stemmy grass is poor quality and results in poor performance. Do not be tempted to graze headlands of silage fields as neither cows or cattle will not perform well on it. Leafy grass should be […]