C&C agrees sale of Pallas Street site in Borrisoleigh, Co. Tipperary

 C&C Group plc (“C&C” or the “Group”) confirms it has agreed to sell the former Tipperary Water, Pallas Street site in Borrisoleigh, Co. Tipperary, as a going concern, to Oscar Wilde Water Company Ltd. This is a standalone sale, comprising the Pallas Street site and its associated infrastructure. C&C retains full ownership of the production, marketing and distribution of its Tipperary Water brand.


C&C also announces that, regrettably, there will be a loss of 12 roles within the Group’s existing business in Borrisoleigh, reducing the employee base from 37 to 25. A consultation process with these employees is underway and every effort will be made to redeploy those affected within the Group.


The reduction of roles in Borrisoleigh reflects the re-alignment of the existing infrastructure and cost base to meet the current and expected needs of the business. C&C is committed to the highest level of customer service and this is a necessary step in creating an optimum business model, that will effectively and efficiently meet the needs of our customers into the future.


The successful sale of the Pallas Street site, which is expected to complete shortly, will result in substantial job creation in Borrisoleigh and see the number of new roles significantly offset the job losses announced.

A further announcement on the sale will be made in due course.

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