Sinn Fein Councillors Vote Against Closed-Door Budget

The Tipperary Sinn Féin team are proud to say they kept their word, and they honoured their commitment, by voting against the Tipperary County Council budget.


Unsurprisingly, the conservatives of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, and some independents voted in favour of increasing the tax on a family home by 10%. The Local Property Tax increase that those councillors decided to impose on working families goes against their parties nationally.

Sinn Féin nationally gave a commitment not to increase the LPT, so the Tipperary Sinn Féin councillors kept their word.

It is typical of these parties to do one thing, and say another; it’s typical of them to say from one side of their mouths that they represent working families, while on the other side to vote to add more financial pressure on them.

We are here to challenge legislation and we did, but after 4 hours, nothing was achieved except the passing of what was pre-agreed behind closed doors. We’re ambitious for our county, and would have supported an alternative budget to utilise the €147 million to achieve better outcomes for the county without making life harder for families and businesses.

An opportunity was again lost managing to how such a huge budget is better spent, with analysis of how savings could be made. The Sinn Féin team raised different issues, including the vital one of a Suicide Prevention Officer. There is no such Officer in the county despite this being a relatively inexpensive but highly important role.

Requests were made for more information on the annual costs of the huge fleet of machinery operated, including fuel costs, but no information was forthcoming.

Our view is that as Councillors we operate a role similar to directors of a company funded by the public, who are effectively share-holders. We assure the public that in this view we continue to hold officials to account, and to get best value for money.

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