Ireland World Cup Play Off Song By The Tipperarys

The Tipperarys, a six piece band from Tipperary release their World Cup Play off song. The band feature popular local  performers Seanie Mockler on lead  vocals  and James Doran on whistle  who normally perform as Seanie and James and a selection of their musical friends.
The band hope to perform the song in the Aviva for the home leg of the play off tie.The video shot by Sarah Loh in the lads local in twomileborris Tipperary last Sunday.
we’ll be takin boats and trains
a few of Mick O’ Learys planes
jaaaaysus we don’t need a pilot
slabs of stout and a workin toilet
copenhagen here we come
a world cup job to be done
lead us out o neill and keane
stand up for the boys in green
we’ve waited long enough
lets baaaayte the danes and go to the world cup
years ago the danish lads
came over here and went shtone mad
they went on a massive spree
burned down all the monasteries
lootin places for the laugh
jaaaysus christ they wrecked the gaff
burned our holy books its true
et our spuds  and cabbage too
we;ve waited long enough
let’s baaayte the danes and go to the world cup
italia 90 twas some crack
put em under pressure jack
94 usa
razor houghton made our day
saipan just a little bump
roy came home he had the hump
russia worlld cup here we go
davy keogh will say hello
we;ve waited long enough
lets baaayte the danes and go to the world cup

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Sell the car and doul iPhone
Boys in green roll along
Hon Tippeary and Shane long
Meetin lads from cork and Clare
Playin bodhrans in red square
Eamon dunphy at home bitchin
Vladivostok in the kitchen

We just can’t get enough

Let’s baaayte the Danes and go to the World Cup

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