Lady Windermere’s Fan At The Source Arts Centre

When a mysterious new beauty enters high society, the in-crowd are sent scattering outwards, bent utterly backwards and flattened low to find out exactly who they are dealing with.

OSCAR WILDE’s raucous social comedy pulls apart the intricacies of etiquette and flips expectation rump-over-head in this scathingly funny satire. As young Lady Windermere varnishes up all cracks in the veneer, how is it she fails to notice that the place is positively crawling with woodworm?

Lady Windermere's Fan At The Source Arts Centre

Lady windermere’s Fan

Exploiting themes of stereotype, superficiality and personal sacrifice, Theatrical Niche tour this high-speed adaptation across the Regions & London in

Autumn 2017 using signature touches of Commedia Dell’Arte and Stylised Movement.

Schermann directs the Theatrical Niche team for the first time, bringing the expertise of her International theatre company TIME ZONE THEATRE and following on from rave reviews for previous Wilde productions.

‘Provocative and Enthralling’ (Three Weeks);

‘Directed wonderfully’ (Curtain Up Show);

‘ Elegant, classy, emotive and emotional’ (Fringe Review)


“Lady Windermere’s Fan” will be the twelfth, and largest tour yet for Theatrical Niche, whilst marking a Wilde double-bill for Pamela Schermann, who will simultaneously be opening her production of “A Picture of Dorian Gray” in Central London. This is their first time bringing a production to The Source Arts Centre, Thurles.


Suitable for Ages 12+



The Source Arts Centre, Thurles

Friday 20 October @ 8pm

Box Office 0504 90204

Tickets €15


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