Alzheimer Society Of Ireland Hosting Celebratory AlzTalks Eevent In The Cork Arts Theatre

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland (ASI) is hosting a celebratory AlzTalks event which will feature people living with dementia, carers and musicians at the Cork Arts Theatre, Carroll’s Quay, Shandon, Cork on Wednesday, September 27th 2017 (6.30pm-9.00pm).

The eclectic event – which features the legendary John Spillane – is aimed at shattering the stigma and misconceptions that surround dementia. People with dementia and carers will present to a live audience and speak about their personal experience of the condition alongside musical acts. These videos will be available on our AlzTalks YouTube channel shortly after the event.

Other musical acts for the AlzTalks event include The Lee Valley String Band, opera singer Amanda Neri and singer-songwriter Laura Elizabeth Hughes and dementia advocates Sean Toomey (Cork), Helen Rochford Brennan (Sligo), Sean Donal O’Shea (Kerry), Catherine Kennedy (Tipperary) and Michael Higgins (Cork) will be offering their personal insights on dementia. Emcee for the evening will be Cork native and RTE presenter Sinead Kennedy. Emcee for the evening will be Cork native and RTE presenter Sinead Kennedy and the Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr Tony Fitzgerald, will be delivering the opening remarks.

The first AlzTalks event was held in the Sugar Club in Dublin last October and included actor Rory Cowan and musicians such as Brian Deady, and Emcee Sile Seoige. All of the presentations from the night will be available on our AlzTalk YouTube channel shortly after the event.

The ASI has been raising awareness and challenging the stigma that often surrounds dementia during World Alzheimer’s Month during September. World Alzheimer’s Month is the international campaign which aims to raise awareness of dementia and World Alzheimer’s Day is held on September 21st each year.

During the month, the ASI has looked at themes such as breaking down the stigma and negativity that often surrounds dementia; how people can do well and live well with dementia; and how the majority of people with dementia want to live in their own homes.

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland Head of Advocacy & Public Affairs, Tina Leonard said:

“We are very excited to host this live event and bring a subject, which is not spoken about, into the public domain. The spoken presentations will be filmed to make a series of videos which add even more content to our AlzTalks YouTube channel. This channel was created to focus on our key goal of bringing dementia out of the shadows and enabling the many different voices of dementia to be heard all over the world.

“Our hope is this will provide a platform to allow awareness building and perception changing of the illness, given that lack of understanding and stigma is still rife. Having people speak about their own lives and experiences creates a better understanding of the unique experiences of people living with this challenging condition.”

● The Alzheimer Society of Ireland
The Alzheimer Society of Ireland (ASI) is the national leader in advocating for and providing dementia-specific supports and services and each year the organisation provides more than one million hours of community-based dementia-specific care throughout Ireland. A national non-profit organisation, the ASI is person centred, rights-based and grassroots led with the voice of the person with dementia and their carer at its core. The ASI also operates the Alzheimer National Helpline offering information and support to anyone affected by dementia at 1800 341 341 and provides a number of others supports and services to people with dementia and their carers across Ireland including 51 Day Care Centres and one Respite Care Centre. The ASI also provides Home Care, Family Carer Training, Dementia Advisers, Alzheimer Cafes and Social Clubs.

● World Alzheimer’s Month
World Alzheimer’s Month is the international campaign every September which aims to raise awareness and challenge the stigma that often surrounds dementia with World Alzheimer’s Day being marked on Thursday, September 21st.

About dementia:

• The number of people with dementia in Ireland is expected to more than double over the next 20 years, from 55,000 today to 113,000 in 2036.
• Dementia is an umbrella term used to describe a range of conditions which cause changes and damage to the brain.
• Dementia is progressive. There is currently no cure. Dementia is not simply a health issue but a social issue that requires a community response.
• The majority of people with dementia (63%) live at home in the community. Over 180,000 people in Ireland are currently or have been carers for a family member or partner with dementia with many more providing support and care in other ways.
• Each year over 4,000 people develop dementia. That’s at least 11 people every day and anyone can get dementia – even people in their 30s/40s/50s.
• 1 in 10 people diagnosed with dementia in Ireland is under 65.
• The overall cost of dementia care in Ireland is just over €1.69 billion per annum; 48% of this is attributable to family care; 43% is accounted for by residential care; formal health and social care services contribute only 9% to the total cost
• Figures referenced to Cahill, S. & Pierce, M. (2013) The Prevalence of Dementia in Ireland.

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