The Nenagh Arts Centre Presents Shadows and Light Perform Interpretations of Joni Mitchell’s Songs

The three-piece Shadows and Light perform stunning interpretations of iconic singer songwriter Joni Mitchell’s legendary song book, including classics from the landmark ‘Blue’ album, along with numbers like ‘Hejira’, ‘Secret Place’ and ‘Hissing of Summer Lawns’. With vocalist Maura Vambeck, Dave Mulligan on guitar and Paul Enright on keyboard, their hypnotic performance of the lyrics and life of Joni brings to vivid life Joan Anderson, the poet, artist and mother.
Maura: “I have been haunted by Joni Mitchell for years. Since college days, when my room-mate played her hits over and over on CDs, sang them with a guitar, or played them on the piano. The
piano sat where most people’s TVs sat. Her lyrics haunt me too. I’ve always been one for lyrics. They roll around on my tongue till I get used to them. It has been so cool to finally get a chance to sing some of her tunes with great musicians who love this music nearly more than me!”

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