Kathy Ryan (56) from Cashel who is living with dementia since 2014 is calling on you to support the 55,000 people with dementia using your signature

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland is calling on the Government to invest €40 million towards community supports for people with dementia which has been outlined in the Pre-Budget Submission ‘Dementia Care Begins at Home – Building a Community of Care’.

Kathy Ryan from Cashel, was diagnosed with younger on set Alzheimer in 2014 is also the Vice-Chair of the Irish Dementia Working Group (IDWG), features in our latest video calling on the government to invest in Dementia Advisers.

There is an estimated 55,000 people with dementia in Ireland and for every one person with dementia three others are directly affected and most people with dementia live at home (63%). The number of people with dementia will rise to 68,216 in the next 10 years.

One of our key asks is for an investment of €2.31 million to roll out a Dementia Adviser Service across Ireland. Currently there are only eight Dementia Advisers covering 13 counties. More are needed. In this video, Kathy Ryan, who was diagnosed with younger on set Alzheimer in 2014, speaks with one of our Dementia Advisers, Amy Murphy, about the importance of having local supports and services and asks for your signature to help make it happen.


or watch the video here 

Please find the link to the petiton here

About dementia:

• The number of people with dementia in Ireland is expected to more than double over the next 20 years, from 55,000 today to 113,000 in 2036.
• Dementia is an umbrella term used to describe a range of conditions which cause changes and damage to the brain.
• Dementia is progressive. There is currently no cure. Dementia is not simply a health issue but a social issue that requires a community response.
• The majority of people with dementia (63%) live at home in the community. Over 180,000 people in Ireland are currently or have been carers for a family member or partner with dementia with many more providing support and care in other ways.
• Each year over 4,000 people develop dementia. That’s at least 11 people every day and anyone can get dementia – even people in their 30s/40s/50s.
• 1 in 10 people diagnosed with dementia in Ireland are under 65.
• The overall cost of dementia care in Ireland is just over €1.69 billion per annum; 48% of this is attributable to family care; 43% is accounted for by residential care; formal health and social care services contribute only 9% to the total cost
• Figures referenced to Cahill, S. & Pierce, M. (2013) The Prevalence of Dementia in Ireland

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