Men More Confident When it Comes To Car Maintenance, AA Survey Finds

  • Just 46.73% of motorists describe themselves as “very confident” in their ability to change a tyre if needed, while 42% are very confident when it comes to checking or changing their oil.
  • 77% of men “very confident” when it comes to carrying out a tyre change; just 17.5% of women very confident in their ability to change a wheel.

Just under half of motorists describe themselves as very confident in their ability to change a wheel on their car in an emergency situation, according to recent research undertaken by AA Rescue.

In response to an AA survey of over 3,000 motorists, 46.73% of those polled stated they were very confident that they would be able to change a tyre in an emergency situation, with an additional 18.90% stating they were “somewhat confident” they would be able to do so. On the opposite end of the scale, 14.93% of respondents stated they were not at all confident in their ability to change a tyre.

“In certain circumstances, for example if a tyre punctures near your home you may be able to replace it yourself, but if the tyre fault were to occur on a motorway, for example, even if you have the know-how it may be better to contact a breakdown assistance provider as attempting any kind of repairs in the hard shoulder puts you in unnecessary danger,” John Farrell, AA Ireland’s Commercial Director stated. “With car manufacturers attempting to save space and reduce weight it’s becoming more and more common for vehicles not to come with a spare wheel as standard. In an average month approximately 15% of AA Rescue callouts relate to wheel changes and whether you have a spare wheel or not our breakdown technicians will be able to get you back on the road in a safe and efficient manner.”

The survey also found that women were significantly less likely to be confident in their ability to change a tyre in an emergency situation.

Just 17.51% of female respondents stated they would be “very confident” in carrying out a wheel change, while 25.45% described themselves as “not very confident” and 26.87% stating they were “not at all confident” that they could change a wheel. Meanwhile, 77.06% of male respondents stated they were “very confident” that they could properly change a tyre, with just 2.50% describing themselves as “not at all confident.”

The survey also found that 42.46% of Irish motorists feel very confident in correctly checking and changing their oil, while just 16.2% of those surveyed were at least somewhat confident when it comes to checking and changing brake pads.

“While many of us make sure to get our car services in advance of the winter, it’s equally important to give your car a once over before the summer season truly kicks off. In the coming weeks, especially with primary schools finishing up for their summer holidays, many of us will take short breaks across Ireland or undertake longer journeys on occasion and it’s important to ensure your car is in working order before doing so,” Farrell added. “Should the worst happen, however, and you do experience a summer breakdown our AA Rescue technicians have access to the most modern equipment available to minimise any delays and get your car running again.  

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