Foynes Air Show 2017 Making Dreams and Wishes Come True

Foynes Air Show 2017, supported by the Irish Aviation Authority, will make dreams and wishes come true on Saturday July 22, as champion aerobatic pilot Dr Eddie Goggins will offer one spectator the chance of a life time – to be part of an aerobatic flight in a two-seater aircraft.

The dentist by day, daredevil aeronaut by weekend, is offering spectators and fans of the biggest ever air show along the Wild Atlantic Way, the chance to see the earth from above while also raising funds for children’s charity Make a Wish Foundation.

Foynes Air Show 2017 Making Dreams and Wishes Come True

CAP 232, Flown by Eddie Goggins. Photo by Frank Grealish.

Eddie, who has been flying aerobatics for 24 years and is a regular performer at the Foynes Air Show, has painted his French designed Avions Mudry CAP 232 to reflect his chosen charity.

“The Foynes Air Show never ceases to put smiles on people’s faces, and I believe it is only fitting then that we do our best to share that feeling with children who are very ill, by supporting The Make A Wish Foundation,” said the flying dentist.

During his air display of Diving Corkscrews, Towering Spiral Cravats, Salmon Leaps, Nose over Tail Ruade Tumbles, Knife Edge and inverted Upside- Down fly pasts Eddie will announce to those attending the Foynes Air Show that they can donate €4 to the Make A Wish charity by texting FLY to 50300.

Each donation will enter the person into the draw to win an aerobatic flight with 100% of the text cost goes to Make A Wish, across most network providers. Some providers apply VAT, which means a minimum of €3.25 will go to the charity.

Foynes Air Show 2017 Making Dreams and Wishes Come True

CAP 232, Flown by Eddie Goggins. Photo by Frank Grealish

The starting date for text entries is July 1 2017. The draw will close and a winner will be announced at the air show one hour after the MAKE A Wish CAP 232 flying display.

Margaret O’Shaughnessy, Foynes Air Show Festival Director said, “The Foynes Air Show is as much about families and childhood dreams, as it is about aviation and Foynes historical link to the aviation industry. It seems fitting therefore that one of our acts has found a way of supporting a charity that makes the wishes of very sick children come true.

“The Make A Wish aircraft will be just one of 32 aircraft taking to the air over Foynes from lunchtime on July 22, 2017. We will have more than 18 world renowned acts taking part on the day, with a number of firsts for Ireland, including the Douglas DC-3 and the  Spanish Air Force F-18 act.”

“The Catalina will make a return to Foynes after an absence of 80 years, while Mustangs, a Strikemaster, British Spitfires; Viggen jets, and a pair of Vampires from Norway will also add to the excitement on the day,” she said.

The main supporter of the Foynes Air Show is the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) as part of its #AviationIreland campaign to promote aviation across the State. The IAA also supports the Bray Air Display which will take place on Saturday and Sunday, July 22 and 23, 2017.

Eamonn Brennan, Chief Executive of the Irish Aviation Authority said, “This year is an extra special one for fans of aviation across Ireland. Under the IAA’s “Aviation Ireland” campaign we are supporting not just one but two spectacular air shows over the same weekend at Foynes and at Bray. We are committed to promoting the growth of the Irish aviation industry and see this as a great opportunity to raise the profile of aviation and to generate an interest in our industry.”

About Foynes Air Show

The fourth annual Foynes Air Show will take place this year on Saturday July 22, 2017. Foynes Air Show is a thrilling and exciting Air Show of international standard, which celebrates the rich aviation history of Foynes and its location on the Wild Atlantic Way.

Foynes and the region have a strong association with international aviation and Foynes is the home of the only Flying Boat Museum in the world housing the only replica of B314 flying boat. Foynes is also the home of Irish Coffee, which will be celebrated at a second event on Sunday July 23, 2017.

Foynes Air Show 2017 Line Up:

Douglas DC-3: This plane revolutionised air transport in the 1930s and 1940s. Its impact on the aviation industry and its role in World War II make it one of the most significant transport aircraft ever made. This particular aircraft was first delivered to the USAAF in September 1943 before transferred to the RAF in 1944. After the war it served the South African Air force until 1981 when it was stationed at Langebaanweg Navigation School.  It was the first DC 3 to be fitted with radar equipment while with the South African Air Force. The plane was sold to Aero Rebuilds in 1995  and then on to Springbok Classic Air in 2002.In 2009 the plane underwent a full restoration to flying condition. This work took place over 10 months  with 4 people working on the plane. In 2015 it was bought by its current owner Mr. Peter Adrian of Trier in Germany where it is stationed at his home base of Zwiebrucken EDRZ.

F-18 jet, Spanish Airforce: This will be the first time that the exciting Spanish display team will perform at Bray represented by Captains Herrera and Agulló, both based at Zaragoza airbase in Spain.

Catalina flying boat: The Catalina flying boat G-PBYA, will make a notable return to the skies over Foynes, as it marks the 80th anniversary of when flying boat G-ADHM Caledonia made the historic crossing from Foynes to Botwood in Newfoundland in 1937.

Patrouille Tranchant: A Celtic jet team from Brittany, France flying Fouga aircraft Patrouille Tranchant pilot Hugues Duval became the first pilot in aviation history to cross the Channel on an electric powered “CriCri” aircraft on July 9th 2015.

Norwegian MIG & Vampires:The Norwegian air force historical squadron will demonstrate their MIG and Vampire aircraft.

British Spitfire & Mustang: Vintage glamour will be on show with a spitfire and mustang in the skies over Bray.

Irish Historic Flight Foundation: Commemorates aviation achievements as well as encouraging an interest in Irish aviation. Flying IOLAR and three Chipmunk aircraft.

The Ravens: A UK based formation aerobatic display team formed in May 2014 flying six RV aircraft.

The Viggen: Representing the ‘Swedish Air Force Historic Flight’ flying ‘Viggen’ aircraft.

SUKHOI SU 26: Dave Bruton will take to the skies in this single-seater no-compromise pure aerobatics plane from the former Soviet Union. First flown in 1984, the type has undergone many refinements over the years and has dominated Aerobatic World Championships since.

CAP 232: Five time Irish aerobatic champion, Eddie Goggins, will display his incredibly versatile skills in this French designed AVIONS MUDRY CAP 232 and its 300 horse power, 9 litre, 6 cylinder engine.

RV7: Pigs might not be flying but cows will when Gerry Humphreys, Ireland’s beloved “flying farmer” takes to the sky in his Vans RV7, nicknamed “The flying cow”.

Christen Eagle: Andrew Fenton will display his aerobatic sporting biplane Christen Eagle II which is very similar to the Pitts Special, and was designed by the same person – Frank Christensen.

Pitts Special 2S2: The uniquely modified Muscle biplane of ex-RAF Tornado Pilot Rich Goodwin, is set to delight and leave visitors to Foynes Air Show in awe! ‘G-EWIZ’, which has been specially modified to provide the ultimate Biplane for air show entertainment.

Russian MIG-15: Designed in Moscow this particular aircraft was built in Poland in 1952 as a SBLim-2, and served in the Polish Air Force until 1990.

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