Dotty The Dragon At The Nenagh Arts Centre

Dotty is a baby Fire Dragon.  She lives in a dusty old castle with her grumpy dad, Mr Dragon.  She loves to watch the children playing in the village below, and wishes she could play with them too!
One day Dotty has a brilliant idea – she will fly down to the village and say hello!  But will Dotty make new friends, or will the village folk chase her back home again?
Told with puppetry, song and high-energy storytelling, this fantastic family show is the perfect treat for little explorers and their grown-ups.  There are lots of laughs and plenty of surprises, and there’s even a fire-breathing dragon!
Dotty the Dragon – Saturday 1st July,  3pm  –  Cost €8 (1 adult free with 2 kids)  Free Adult tickets to be collected from the Box Office no later than Friday 30th June.
Presented by Blunderbus Theatre Company (UK)

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